Training, How do you stop a dog from being aggressive?   

If you have an aggressive dog you definitely need to get a Trainer. Aggressive dogs can be dangerous since they are prone to attack other dogs. Thankfully, certain dog training techniques can help target aggressive behavior. When these techniques are used consistently during training, your dog will learn to socialize harmoniously with other animals.

Do you need to address aggressive dog behavior? If you are having second thoughts, imagine this scenario. You take your dog out for a walk so it can get some sunshine and have fun but all of a sudden your relaxing bonding turns into a destructive one when your dog starts showing aggressive behavior the moment it encounters another animal. A dog fight will likely ensue. This situation can become dangerous.

Let’s try to understand why dogs tend to become aggressive when they meet other dogs. Most if not all dogs exhibit aggressive tendencies. If you can relate, you’re not the only one. In fact, the number of aggressive dogs is more numerous compared to peace-loving and friendly dogs. Dog-on-dog aggression is one of the most common complaints of dog owners. How do you deal with an aggressive dog and where does their aggression stem from? One of the reasons why dogs are aggressive can be traced back to their puppyhood.

According to Dr. Ian Dunbar, the founder of the APDT or Association of Professional Dog Trainers puppies that weren’t exposed to well-disposed dogs tend to be aggressive because they failed to develop social skills. They are unable to communicate effectively with other dogs. Dogs regularly need to be exposed so they can build and develop their social skills and confidence. If puppies lack physical contact with their kind they will eventually develop provocative and aggressive behaviors. Unfortunately, this behavior will intensify the older they get.

How should you train an aggressive dog? Lucky for you, dog trainers have found effective ways to deal with this situation. Even if your dog attacks other dogs or becomes aggressive, there are ways to help them resocialize. You can enroll your dog in Growl Classes. These training methods will help improve your dog’s behavior so they will feel at ease and comfortable when they are around other dogs. This training will teach your dog to behave appropriately because they know that they will be rewarded when they do.

One method used in dog aggression training is associating another dog’s presence with a treat, a classical conditioning method that has proven to work with hundreds of aggressive dogs. Operant conditioning may also be used. This method teaches your dog that exhibiting good behavior will earn a reward whether it’s play, praise, or a treat. These two methods are found to alter your dog’s emotions that are responsible for aggression.

A discipline that involves punishment must be avoided when you’re dealing with aggressive dogs. We suggest you reward your dog for good behavior, any behavior that does not involve aggression. You can change your dog’s behavior through shaping (reinforce every small action your dog makes towards achieving the goal), desensitization (placing other dogs at a safe distance so as not to provoke aggression and then slowly decreasing this distance), and counter-conditioning (when you associate the presence of other dogs with good things).


Don’t pressure your dog during training. Give your dog time to adjust until it can slowly communicate and relate with other dogs. In time, your dog will be able to resocialize and overcome aggressive behavior. Socialization is an excellent approach so that your dog will know how to behave when it’s around other animals. If you don’t know how to train your dog, it would be best if you hire a skilled and experienced dog trainer.

Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

Videography Tips and Tricks to Shoot Like A Pro

Having the right equipment is important when you want to shoot professional-looking videos. However, there is more to this than simply having the equipment that you need. There are certain tips and tricks that professionals use which you can try to boost the quality of the videos that you make.   Here are some tips we use regularly at Level 2 Productions, video production San Francisco.

Shooting A Steady Video

To shoot a steady video, you will generally turn to your tripod, but you should not become dependent on this. Shooting video on a tripod is not always practical and there are times when you are shooting a video where you cannot use a tripod. To overcome this, you need to learn about to position your body correctly to shoot a steady video.

You will need to position your body in a way that ensures each breath you take does not move the camera. You should also look at bracing the camera against the ground, a wall or another immovable object. When you get rid of the tripod, you will be able to shoot a video without being anchored to a single spot.

Produce Creative Shots

Creative shooting techniques are vital when you want to produce interesting videos and creative shots. You do not want all of your videos to look like they have come from a surveillance camera. This is a mistake that many new videographers make because they shoot from the corner of the room or away from where the action is.

To get more creative shots, you should place yourself in the middle of the action that you are capturing. This will ensure that you get shots you would have missed from a distance. You should also look at experimenting with angles by shooting from above and below your target.

Avoid Unnecessary Pans And Zooms

When you pick up a camera for the first time, there is a draw to the zoom button when you are panning across the horizon. This is something that you should resist because it often leaves your viewers feeling a little queasy. You also need to ensure that you leave out any unnecessary pans and zooms.

If you are going to be shooting an action scene, you should let the motion of this scene naturally dominate the shot. When you zoom in a lot, you will be distracting the viewer from the overall action that is taking place. If you are going to use zooms and pans, you need to ensure that there is a legitimate reason for it such as tracking a ball at a sports event.

Getting Good Outdoor Results

When you shoot outside, you need to carefully watch the position of the sun. You should always have the sun at your back when you shoot. If you are recording people and they complain about looking into the sun, you need to tell them that you will be getting better shots this way. If the sun is behind them, their faces will be in silhouette and this will generally not be ideal for your video.

Jared is one of the 2 founders of Level 2 Productions. His San Francisco area production company specializes in corporate video production, including commercials, testimonials and conferences.

A Guide To Online Video Marketing

Online video marketing is really as the name implies, marketing by using video. For those who have a company or are performing marketing for any business, then it is vital that you see as much methods to successfully market that business. Marketing with video has been discovered to be really effective since videos tend to obtain additional attention than written content or even images. So, we are going to now take a good look at the few marketing with video tactics.

Just about the most effective tactics is building a viral video. This really is basically a youtube video that gets shared in a viral manner between thousands as well as huge numbers of people. In order to make a viral video, you must produce a video that connects with as numerous people as is possible while encapsulating the image of your brand or business.

Another marketing with video strategy is to produce a YouTube channel and post videos associated with your small business. Of course, this is best suited into a very visual or interesting business. For instance, in the event you sell pet products or health-related products, then these niches are fantastic for video.

Next, another great technique is to make short video clips and post them on your own Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat accounts. Obviously, you already need to have business social media pages to do so. Social media marketing is becoming a lot more important and by creating videos associated with your organization, you may really get in touch with your required audience and have more customers.

In closing, we have now just covered what is marketing with video and some of the best online video marketing strategies to implement for your personal business. After you do, I am just sure that you will see a rise in visitors and customers which can result in more sales and profits that is goal associated with a web marketing strategy.